Write Standalone or The Grace Crasher Sequel?

On the off chance that anyone reads this, would you want to read a sequel or companion book to The Grace Crasher (either a Julia sequel or a Tori book)? Or is it better to carry along with my existing, unrelated manuscript, which has about 37,500 words already? That’s roughly a third of a novel.  Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Write Standalone or The Grace Crasher Sequel?”

    1. I’m so glad you liked The Grace Crasher! I do have a loose structure I’ve sketched out for a J&M sequel. However, I also have about 35k of a completely unrelated standalone about a middle-aged character who time travels to the late 80s or early 90s to redo a key piece of her romantic history. There’s no reason I can’t do both, too.

      For the past couple months, I’ve felt stuck in my fiction writing, wondering if it’s worth itl. But nice feedback likes yours gives me motivation! Besides, I think I need to write fiction for psychological reasons; when I don’t write, I feel strangely untethered. Thanks for your comment!


  1. I loved reading the grace crasher. I would enjoy a follow up book
    I liked your take on different types of Evangelical christians. I. Isn’t it nice that God loves us all!!!


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