The Grace Crasher covers: 1 by Angela Haddon and 2 by (“James”)

Over a year after publishing The Grace Crasher, I should finally explain why there are three covers floating around in cyberspace, Facebook, Goodreads, etc. (Please excuse huge size of photos; my technical skills are limited.) The pink cover, which is up on Amazon now, was a premade by the talented Angela Haddon. I’ve used it most of the time because it communicates the quirky humor/romantic comedy tone I was aiming for in the novel.

However, there is a darker side to the story regarding addiction and codependency, and I’m not sure the pink cover communicates funny AND dysfunctional. This is not the fault of the cover artist; there just aren’t many photos out there that communicate light humor AND dark issues. So I went with light, because I still think the novel has more light than dark.


Before the pink cover above, I had two other ebook covers. They were premades designed by another amazingly talented—and very witty—cover artist, James from Go On Write. (I think I got a buy one, get one half off deal, hence two covers.) First we have girl in white dress in meadow cover. I really do love this one too.grace-crasher-mara-faro-high-resolution


The other one by James from Go On Write  is what I call suitcase girl. This fits in most with the plot of a “stranger in town” (Julia) moving in to shake up some lives, including her own. To me, this young woman looks a little younger than the 23-yr-old main character, but these things don’t have to always be so exact and literal, I don’t think. grace-crasher-high-resolution-suitcase-version


Looking at the above three covers, the two designers did amazing jobs, especially considering that they were all premades, which cost a fraction of something completely custom-designed.

In summary, I love the covers by Angela and James for different reasons. To have kept flip flopping among them was just so typical of my obsessive, trouble-with-decisions personality. (I have since read The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz–so fascinating! Need to reread it.)

Honestly, I am soooo tempted to just cycle through the three ebook covers every few months, but that would confuse people. Also, I only bought one paperback cover (the pink one). It would be quite expensive to have three different versions of a paperback cover! Ebook covers are much less expensive.

If I finally write a sequel or companion novel, either about Julia or Tori, I would have to revisit the cover issue again, because I’d want both novels to have similar covers.

So, now you know the story behind the cover. And if you want a good cover, check out these two designers: Angela Haddon and James at Go On Write. I don’t get any type of deal for mentioning them, but I just wanted to give a shout out. (Not that many people are reading this blog anyway—or the book itself, a year after publication—but I wanted to explain The Tale of The Three Covers.)




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