The Grace Crasher Sequel

Ok, it’s official! I’m going to put aside my 30k-40k word manuscript (not related to The Grace Crasher) and work on a sequel or companion book to TGC. I know the basic subject and themes I want to write about. I could weave those things into a story about Mark and Julia with relationship problems set a few years after TGC OR Tori and her new husband with relationship problems. (I feel bad giving M and J more problems though! But no problems=no story.)


2 thoughts on “The Grace Crasher Sequel”

    1. Ummm…somewhere in the recesses of my brain…? I’m so sorry, but I seem to be stuck with my writing! Caregiving and other things have gotten in the way.

      I did write about 30k words of a prequel/sequel about Anna (Julia’s mom) beginning with her college experience in the mid 80s. I wanted to show how she got involved with Julia’s dad, and how she made the mistakes she did. Then the manuscript jumped to the present day, where she would have a second chance, and Julia/Mark were minor characters in that time period.

      But I didn’t know how to move forward because I’m very conflicted about Julia’s mom–she’s not always a very sympathetic character due to her enabling and denial. I even thought of making her Anna’s college roommate instead of Anna. Julia and Mark would still appear in the present-day plot regardless of whether I write from the viewpoint of Anna or her college friend. Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense!

      More time has recently opened up in my schedule, and I want to use it to decide how to move forward with my writing. If I were to do a Mark/Julia sequel, I think it would be several years past the time of The Grace Crasher.

      Feedback like yours does motivate me! Thank you, Jil! You’ve made my day!


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